Day 25: Yearning for Yercaud

An amazing array of the hues of nature is perhaps the first thing which strikes any visitor travelling to Yercaud. The brilliant blue sky speckled with puffs of cotton in the form of clouds and the verdant green of the surrounding forests have probably never been so well-utilised in creating such a sparkling landscape. Nestled in the lap of the Shevaroy Hills, Yercaud is located at an altitude of 1515 meters in the Salem district of Tamil Nadu.


Bubbling with a healthy harvest of coffee, oranges, bananas, pears and jackfruit, Yercaud is possibly one of the most picturesque hill stations on the Western Ghats. The Yercaud Lake, the reason for the place to be named thus is the most popular place among tourists.

However, while in Yercaud what the heart really yearns to do is to lose oneself in the long winding hilly treks. Hidden in its rocky creeks and in the whistles of the mountain birds, is a mystery ready to reveal itself. All you need to do is to search properly and to do that there is no option but for you to tread off the beaten track and to romp up the wilderness.

Yercaud Treks will lead you to paths and creeks that have magical surprises awaiting the adventurous. Every trek is different as it will lead you to a hill which dons a different shade of green, is canopied under a sky wearing a different shade of blue as its mantle and is home to different flora and fauna.  Adventure in Yercaud is given a whole new meaning.

If not anything, at Yercaud you will rediscover your soul. Far away from the urban hustle and bustle you get to commune with yourself and listen to what your heart desires. In most cases it will desire to be left behind in these dark woods.

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