An Unfinished Love Affair

You left…..but you forgot to take the memories with you..that would have made it a bit easier for me to reconcile the fact that I was your first boyfriend and there was much we had to do together – go out for a walk in the early morning, feel the dew on the fresh grass with our bare feet, or just sit back lazily watching the budding flowers bloom. Simple things which we had been planning together for a long long time.

I wanted to lend you my shoulder to cry on, put my arm around you to comfort you when you were down, share your happiness on your achievements,become the first to know about your sorrows and work out a solution that would make the cloud of gloom lift from your face and get the twinkle back in your eyes ….so much was left to be done together….but you left

I wish I could see you develop into the woman of my dreams and take on the world with the finesse and gentle yet firm nature that you needed to imbibe make your priorities clear and get what you wanted ….but you left

Maybe that’s what you had wanted so I let you go because I wanted you to be happier than ever,  even if it meant to be away from me, your first boyfriend.

As you gradually disappeared into the oblivion, I bade you a final goodbye, my first born, my little bud, and turned towards my other responsibility of lifting the spirits of your source of creation—your mother!

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