Bijoya Dashami – Farewell to the Mother

Photo Credit: VCDPC, Gurgaon

As they lifted her off the platform on which she was stationed for five long days, I felt a lurch in my heart. It felt as if a part of my heart itself was being displaced. I looked into her eyes that were filled with kindness and love for the millions who revered them. It felt as if she was forgiving me for all my faults and assuring me to continue harboring hope and faith.I was bidding farewell to our Mother. I was preparing for one of the most painful part of the rituals – Bijoya Dashami.

Every year, at the end of the five day festivities of Durga Puja, our heart gets laden with grief as we bid farewell to Durga, the mother goddess. I knew it would be another year till we meet. Another long and painful year of misgivings, distrust, and hatred before she comes in our midst to wipe off all our woes and cajole us once again to laugh and sing together in harmony.

I still remember the first day she came,I looked into those same eyes to gather the essential stimulant to pull me through the rest of the year. No matter how much we profess to be atheists throughout the year, one look at those blazing pair of eyes tends to melt even the hardest of hearts.

To me the array of Hindu gods and goddesses are a representation of our deepest emotions. Just like Shiva is the representation of anger and Brahma symbolises patience, for me Durga represents Strength.She is the epitome of power that helps us overcome our challenges and achieve our desires. All her varied forms are variations of the energy that we need at various phases of life to pull us through its different perils. Therefore every time I look into her eyes I try and fill my whole being with that strength.I emerge stronger and renew my journey with greater hope and  conviction that good will happen.
We bid farewell to the Mother with tears in our eyes and hope in our hearts that virtue will win over vice. Our faith reinstated we look forward to the coming year as we prepare to welcome her home yet again as we chant with great gusto “Ashche Bochhor Aabar hobey!” ( Next year we’ll meet again)

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  1. mousumiway says:

    Dear Amrita, As usual it was a great reading. You just spelled what every Bengali feel.


    1. amritawrites says:

      Thank you Moushumi Di…Do keep visiting and encouraging me with your lovely praises:-)

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