My Published Works

The Promise – A Tale of Friendship

Mrinmoyee and Soubhagya, two women far apart in age and social status are drawn to each other in an unconditional bond of friendship. Will their friendship be able to break the shackles of conditions laid down by society and fulfill their promise made to each other?

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He Who Giveth  – He Took Only to Give

John was a wild flower blooming to grow on his own. Korobi was a nurturer. In her urge to nurture was she wrongly curbing John’s natural instincts? The story illustrates the awakening of the wonderful human capability of forgiveness.

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The Window Seat 

Sukanya and Suhas are two hearts and one soul. They meet but it is definitely not love at first sight. However, the gaze lingers sufficiently long enough to carve a place in each heart. Their innocent love helps to establish the fact that though death may devour the body, love is eternal.

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The Tunnel


Shikhar and Chandan are childhood friends powered by an unquenching thirst for adventure. For their college vacations they crave for more than a holiday. But are they ready to handle what lies in store for them?re:

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Juggernaut Books

The Mystery of the Missing Pen

Milli is a bright, cherubic fifth grader. When her classmates start losing their pens mysteriously, Milli smells mischief. Can she help Mrs.Biswas, their class facilitator, sniff out the culprit?

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The Last Vow

Tara and Sumit are two young busy professionals. They are desperate for a break in their hectic schedules. On their 5th anniversary of their being together the couple decide on a trip. Soon the unplanned getaway and Tara’s whims lands them at the portals of the infamous Bhangarh fort. Are they prepared to face the wrath of the cursed fort?


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