The Rainbow Colours


Photo by Binyamin Mellish from Pexels

Listen to the story on how the beautiful rainbow colours the sky on my Youtube Channel Tales for Tots – Where Tales come to life

You can also read the full story here:

Once upon a time there lived a little boy called Joy who loved to play with colours. He would go around his housing colour the white walls with a beautiful pink like the bouganvilleas in his garden, the brown roof of their gardening shed a bright green like the grass in the meadows and the dull windows in his playroom a brilliant blue like the sky on a clear autumn day.

His mother often got tired of all this colouring and would think of ways to stop him.

One day she told him:

Will you stop colouring our house my boy!
Why don’t you look at the sky above!
It needs a touch of paint, don’t you think my love.”

Joy looked up at the sky above and thought his mother was right. The sky indeed always wore a dull blue coat. Even when the grass was its greenest and the sun its brightest, the sky would never shed its blue coat, not even for once.

So Joy decided to colour the sky.

But how?

He was too small to reach up to the big sky and colour it like he coloured his roof at home. Besides he had finished all his pastels in colouring his house.

So Joy went to his father and asked him to help him colour the sky. His father looked at him and laughed out loud.

“Colour the sky?
Why Oh Why?
Such an absurd thought
Was it in school you were taught?”

So Joy decided to do something by himself. First, he had to find pastels with which he could colour the sky. So he put on his little red shoes and packed little knick knacks in his backpack and set off to find colours for the sky. He searched high and low, near and far but found nothing that would help him in his mission.

After having walked the whole day, Joy began to feel tired and sat down to rest on a big rock. He must have dozed off when he heard a shrill little voice calling out to him.

“Hello hello little boy
Are you the one they call Joy?”

Joy woke up with a jump and realised he was looking at a small fairy dressed in a beautiful purple dress with matching purple shoes and wings. The little fairy was sitting on his shoulder, daintily swinging her legs trying to wake him up. She was the prettiest fairy Joy had ever seen. Her shiny golden hair was tied in a big shiny pony tail that swayed beautifully as she spoke. Her eyes were blue like the ocean and her skin was the prettiest pink just like his favourite strawberry milkshake. Joy rubbed his eyes as he got up and nodded his head.

“Yes that’s me
Pray who are you little fairy?”

“I am Viola” said the fairy fluttering like a butterfly.

“And I heard you wish to color the sky?
So I came to help you try.”

Hearing that, Joy jumped up in glee.

“Can you really help me?
But you don’t have any pastels that I can see.”

Viola smiled at Joy and said,

“Just wait and watch, for I can foretell
My hands work better than any pastel.”

Now Viola was no ordinary fairy. She had magic in her hands, she could whisper the name of any colour while rubbing her palms together. Then whatever she touched would change to that colour.

As Joy watched in amazement, Viola whispered “Red” and rubbed her palms.

Then she wiped the sky with her hands and Lo and Behold! The sky became splashed with a beautiful red colour.

Joy was so happy he jumped up and down clapping his hands. So both Joy and Viola started colouring the sky in different beautiful shades. They tried Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Violet and even Indigo.

And then Joy suddenly came up with an idea.

“ The sky is so big and wide
A single colour does not fill every side.
Fill it with colours all seven and not less
That will make it look absolutely gorgeous!”

Now Viola was in a fix. She could only create one colour at a time. How could she create so many colours together? But Joy was her friend and how could she disappoint him.
So she told him,

“Give me a day,
To let me think of a way
To help you colour the sky as you say”

Saying so she flew high into the clouds leaving Joy waiting down below. As she flew Viola was thinking hard of how to colour the sky in all seven colours as Joy wanted. She realised there was only one person who could help her fulfill this difficult thing. The Sun. The Lord of the skies.

Now the sun’s rays were so strong that nobody could come near him during the day. But during the night he would wrap his flowing golden locks that gave out those fearful rays in a huge black blanket. So that he could be approached by the other beings in the sky without the fear of being burnt.

Viola knew this and as it was approaching darkness, she knew the Sun had already started wrapping that blanket around his mane and so it would be safe to approach him. So she flew towards the palace of the Sun.

Viola was right because the Sun had indeed covered his glowing head and was resting in his palace after a hard day of work. He had wrapped around his body a magnificent coat of golden silk and was lying down on his gold couch. His head had just touched his pillow of soft golden satin when Viola approached him.

“Hail Oh sun! Lord of the Sky!
May your glory and might never die!” She said as she greeted him.

The Sun opened his eyes and looked at the little fairy standing before him with bowed head.

“Why Viola! The Magic One!

What brings you to The Sun!”

So Viola told him of Joy’s wish. The sun listened to her and smiled softly. He asked for the rain clouds to be called.

Soon the rain clouds huddled fearfully afraid that they might have angered the Great Lord. So there was a lot of rumbling to be heard down on earth.
The Sun told the clouds:

“Go and shower hard tonight
Drench the earth with all your might

Tomorrow let me shine strong and bright
And magic will be created alright.”

So the rain clouds did as they were told. They pelted the earth with big, bold drops of rain. Filling up the rivers, lakes, and ponds. The earth was left drenched and dripping. Poor Joy had to take cover behind the rock to avoid getting wet.

After a whole night of rain, the sun came out, the next morning, crisp and fresh. He shone brilliantly through the last drops of rain hanging from the coats of the tired clouds.

As Joy looked up at the sky, his face broke out into a beautiful smile which turned into a chuckle and then broadened into a loud laugh. For there on the sky was painted a beautiful portrait of seven colours. The picture was the most enchanting one he had ever seen. As the endless arch of the Rainbow stretched across the whole sky, Joy jumped up and down clapping his hands in glee.

Viola joined him amazed at the magic that the sun had created.

Joy ran to hug the little fairy.
“You do know magic little fairy
This is the most beautiful gift for me.” he said happily.

Viola shook her head and said laughing.

“The Rainbow, my friend is a gift from the sun
As it shines through raindrops many or one.

The sun and the rain drops shows you all
why rainy days are not at all dull;

As the rays of the sun moves through raindrops one after another
That is what brings the change in colour.

Violet, Indigo, Blue and Green
Yellow , Orange, and Red complete the scene.”

The Sun smiled brightly seeing the two friends dancing merrily making Joy’s colourful Rainbow sparkle and shine more and more in the big wide sky.


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