“I don’t care if a reader hates one of my stories, just as long as he finishes the book.” Roald Dahl

Every time I sit down at my desk I think of this line and I feel strengthened. Every story will have a different ending but it is important to make your readers reach that end. Therefore I simply write !

When I am not creating stories I write Help documentation for Software products. Yes! I am a Technical Writer and have worked with organizations for all of 15 years.

In both my roles I have realised the need to understand the need for my audience to find a resolution – either to questions raised in a software or in life itself.

My blog is an endeavour to help you get a peek into my work. I welcome you to come into this world of mine and enjoy ! Don’t forget to leave me your comments and help me enrich myself.

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  1. Subarna says:

    Taking a peek at your site actually threw light on the different nuances of an Amrita we hardly knew. Believe me it is indeed an elephantine decision to give up a “space” that had so far been only yours. But I guess women are the strongest…they can give up a lot for their close one. Wish you all luck in all your future endeavors.

  2. Vani says:

    Hi Amrita ,
    We are looking for writers who have the passion and enjoy creativity. We need help with copy writing and other marketing write-ups like email blasts, brochures, fact sheets etc. Your profile looked impressive and interesting and we wish to have a chat to you. Are you able to send your resume or just the contact details?
    All of our businesses are in technology products/services. We are open to full time or part time engagement with us. Part time requirement will be a minimum average of two hours/day. This is a great opportunity for someone to work from home.
    Our websites include http://www.easyauthoring.comwww.practiebee.comwww.quovustechnologies.com
    You can mail your resume at vani@easyauthoring.com
    Kind Regards

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